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Draped in Red and Black

The Rants and Things of Travis Haight

Travis Haight
14 November 1985
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My name is Travis and I live in a college town called Pullman, Washington. I've lived in the state for the bulk of my life; most of this in small towns, except for the 5 1/2 I called the city of Spokane home. I didn't care for that, so I am glad to be able to call such a place as Pullman home. Writing is what I consider to be my life, but music is also a passion of mine.

I've been in and out of love on several occasions, and have also had a fair number of personal ups and downs. But through all of such things, including a number of good and bad phases I went through, I have done my best to emerge as a confident person who is not only afraid to be himself, but who couldn't give a rat's ass what anyone else thinks of him. It's taken a lot of personal triumphs and tribulations; financial ups and downs; reinventions which took me from being a metal head, to a goth, to a Juggalo, to a goth again, then to a Christian to finally realize that I don't have to change who I really am to be acceptable. Furthermore, I learned that it's when I get so desperate that I am seeking, endlessly, to join a group for the purposes of acceptance, I really was desperate enough that I would do anything, be anything and even, in some cases, believe anything if it meant people acted as if they liked me (see: my stint as a Christian). But now, nobody tells me how to dress, what to listen to, what to believe in, and how to live my life. I am the freest I have been in all of my life, and it feels really good. And if anyone ever tells me I'm weird because I make no bones about being a total book nerd who spends the bulk of my time with my nose in a book, I could care less.

This journal is what I shall use to write about my personal life, include other rants and raves and the such. I also welcome friends from all places and all walks of life. Be warned, however, that I will not take kindly to bigots, racists, homophobes, but especially not Bible thumpers. With that said, feel free to add me, but I have no problem pruning my list of friends whenever necessary.